If you are looking to explode your business and build the life of your dreams – the Business ELEVATION coaching program is for you. You will be trained in the exact strategies that Wez has been using for years with his private clients. Instead of investing years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars in coaching, you can now access the latest Business Building Training in a fraction of the time and for a much lower cost.


  • Turn your business into a marketing machine that provides predictable profits
  • Incorporate the solid foundations that every successful business is built on
  • Realise and conquer your biggest personal constraint
  • Develop a Kingdom worldview for handling vast amounts of money
  • Learn how to do more work in less time with our Life-hacks
  • Scale your business to get it working without you – freeing up your time for other things
  • Be part of a kingdom minded support group of entrepreneurs – don’t go it alone

There are four major benefits from joining this group and letting me walk alongside you for the year.

Firstly, we’re a profit-based coaching programme. Everything we do is about building your business and building your profitability and we do that through practical training throughout the year.

Secondly is the accountability. I’m there to hold you accountable, making sure that you do the things that you need to do to grow your business.

Thirdly, the tribe. It is a group of like-minded Christian entrepreneurs walking together, praying together, having each other’s back. It’s super powerful.

And lastly, It’s forced time to work on the business. Every quarter we get together for three days. Two whole days of learning and doing and on the third day we have an execution day where you do the work and you write your 90-day plan.

 Here’s what we’ll work on;

  • The foundations. How do we position your business in the marketplace unique enough that people want it?
  • How do we market this business? How do we build your 10 marketing strategies that produce leads every day, every week, every month?
    Sales. How do we convert more of those new inquiries into high-paying customers?
  • Recruitment. How do you recruit the right people and get the right team on your bus?
  • Customer service. How do we make your experience the preeminent one of them all?
  • Systems. We bring systems in the business so that you can get out of it, you can sell it, you can put it under management, and you can get your time back.

All of that in one year, in an environment where we play games, have fun, and do the work.

We also have webinars where you sit at your computer, I sit at mine – I teach, you learn. Plus, you and I also have 2 coaching calls throughout the year so that we can get specific about your business and what you need to move you forward.

You’re part of a private Facebook group, you’re part of a tribe and you have weekly accountability to make sure you grow your business.

If this feels right to you, I invite you to register your details above and we’ll let you know when the next intake is coming up.

Your Investment

Enrolment in the Business Elevation program is just $347 per month.

Plus you can enrol up to 2 additional people from your business for just $100 per person.

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