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A Crash Course To Marketing Your Business In 2021.

I speak to thousands of business owners every year and marketing is one of of the key pillars of business that confuses a lot of people. 

This 4-part course breaks down “marketing” in 2021 into bite-sized chunks so you can get an understanding of how to market your business without needing a PHD.

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We take a look at:

This marketing short course is COMPLETELY FREE…. and don’t worry, there is no catch.

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That’s right, we don’t have a limited time offer, expensive course or service offering at the end of the course. I just genuinely want to help business owners de-mystify what marketing looks like in 2021 and give them some practical advice on how to grow their business. My goal is to help kingdom business owners build more profitable businesses, become more influential in their industry and fulfill their role in the Kingdom.

About Wez

Leading ‘faith-in-business’ thinker Wez Hone has been in the trenches of business, having built and sold 8 companies since the age of 18. Now a business coach, trainer and speaker, Wez is passionate about teaching Christian entrepreneurs how biblical principles apply to the marketplace so they can build highly profitable businesses as well as influence the world around them. Wez has a unique ability to de-code what the scriptures say about business, and is committed to activating Christian entrepreneurs to change culture.