The Automated Attraction Model

A Done-For-You Lead Generation System Using the Digital Tools of 2021.

Most business owners understand the importance of marketing, but very few execute on it well.
Now I'm removing the excuses.

- Wez Hone

What Is AAM?

The Automated Attraction Model is a systematised combination of:

  • Traffic Generation from Social Media and Search Engines.
  • Nurturing interested visitors through Remarketing.
  • High-Converting Websites with a clear message and customer journey.
  • Video that clearly conveys your message, value proposition and offer.

The Results

"Our phones were ringing off the hook... we had so much work coming in we had to turn the system off!"


Ian Frost

Oztune Automotive

How It Works

We combine the creative art of design and the science of conversion rate optimisation to build magnetic and conversion-driven lead generation systems. Here’s some of the ways we doubled the phone enquiries for Oztune.

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Engaging Video to convey the key message and value quickly while adding personality and building trust.

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Highlighted Call-To-Action

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Clickable Phone Number

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Key Call-To-Actions to suit the customer’s need

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Rabbit Holes for the 3 key services.

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Point-of-Difference Headline establishing expertise and trust.

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Visiting a specific service page triggers retargeting ads for that specific service.

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What's Included?

1. Build A Conversion-Focused Website

Sales-driven website designed to get your customers into the rabbit hole that suits them as soon as possible, position you as the expert choice and entice visitors to take action.

2. Traffic Generation

Advertising on the platforms and placements that your ideal customers are on with a magnetic message that will cut through and call out your target market.

3. Remarketing to Interested Visitors​

Virtually nobody will buy on their first visit. They need time to learn more about you and trust you before they make an enquiry. Nurture them and get them back on your site using remarketing.

4. A/B Split Testing​

Test different messages and offers by split testings ads and website pages to find the winning combination, saving on ad spend and maximising conversions.

5. Analytics And Optimisation​

Review every ad interaction, every website visitor and every conversion to identify patterns and bottlenecks that can be overcome.

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