What Now? [COVID-19]

5 Things You Absolutely Must Be Doing Right Now!

Learn 5 Ways to

Protect Your Business

FREE Webinar With Zero Selling

12 noon (AEDT), Wednesday, March 18

COVID-19 Coronavirus has had an international impact on health and the economy. Businesses and stock markets are now being effected across Australia and the trend is reminiscent of 2008. Although this current crisis is nowhere near the magnitude of the GFC in 2008, in any major crisis we need to respond quickly and follow a similar process if our business is going to survive.

After starting his coaching business only 9 months before the GFC hit, Wez learnt quickly the strategies and processes needed to continue to build businesses during a major crisis and he wants to share these with you.

Wez is hosting a FREE NO SELL webinar to show you the top 5 things that you must do right now to minimise the effect of the COVID-19 Coronavirus on your business.

In 60 Minutes Wez Will Show You...

> Effective Communication – Positioning yourself with your team, your customers, and in the marketplace

> Staying Positive – Even in the face of adversity and external pressures

Economic Cycles – How we operate our business differently in each of these stages to maximise our outcome

> Cashflow Forecast – Managing the financial ups and downs to be prepared for what is coming

> Agility – How to pivot (minor & major) to capitalise on opportunities  

Wednesday March 18, 2020

Sydney / Melbourne 12 noon 

Brisbane 11:00am

Adelaide 11:30am 

Darwin 10:30am 

Perth 9:00am

Auckland 2:00pm