I'm Inviting You To Join The 4% Club.

“Only 4% of businesses reach $1 Million turnover!… That’s a shocking statistic to learn that only 4% of businesses achieve the coveted goal of $1 million turnover and so if you are currently part of the $1 million-dollar turnover plus club I want to say… a big congratulations to you.”

– Wez Hone

"The strategies that got you to the $1 Million milestone, seldom get you to $5 or $10 Million."

There are many reasons why a business does not hit the $1 Million milestone, but the good news is that to reach the $1 Million mark you have obviously covered the basics and have successfully achieved a good Product-Market fit. The not so good news is that even after hitting $1 million in turnover you are still vulnerable to the marketplace.

So how do you push through this stage and build to a scale to hit a critical mass and lock in your future profits?

"One of the biggest contributing factors to large businesses consistently growing is that they have a ‘Board of Advisors’"

One of the biggest contributing factors to large businesses consistently growing is that they have a ‘Board of Advisors’ and regular ‘board meetings’. Having a group of people around you that have your best interests at heart and that push you to be your best is so valuable. You don’t need people that say ‘yes’ to everything. You don’t need people that are just starting out in business. You certainly don’t need people that drag you back in the weeds – you need people that get you powering towards your big future.

4 Club Business Greenhouse

...that is why I set up the 4% Club!

You can now have a board of advisors that will hold you to a higher standard.

As well as access the collective smarts of the other small group of members we will talk about high level topics such as your strategic direction, current business challenges, your financials, your blind spots and of course your Kingdom Impact.

Each quarter we meet as a small group (12) of business owners at a similar stage in business as you for a full-day training in the boardroom.

Each quarterly gathering is structured to make the most of our time together and focus on the key items that will get you sustainable results.




Each company is put in the “hotseat” in front of the group and pitches their biggest challenge. The coaches and group become your “brains trust”, brainstorm ideas and drawing on the collective experience and knowledge, to identify a solution for the problem.


We know the importance of being on top of our numbers. Together we will run through your key business numbers, both short and long term. You will set your targets for the following quarter with an incredible amount of accountability from Wez and your peers.

Network Business Greenhouse


We have arranged a dinner the night before the event. It is a great opportunity for you to network with each other in a social setting.

Business Greenhouse Teaching


To equip you with the knowledge needed to continue to grow and scale your business to an even greater level of impact. Wez, along with other guest experts, will provide valuable training on high-level-strategies specific to the needs of a $1M+ company.

Business Greenhouse Kingdom Impact


It is pointless building a $1M+ company if it is not to benefit the Kingdom. We will focus on continually refining and executing on your Godly assignment to ensure that as your company grows so does your Kingdom impact.

Business Greenhouse Accommodation Catering


Accommodation & Catering One-night’s accommodation and catering (breakfast, morning / afternoon tea, lunch, and dinner) are all included in your program investment.

For Just

$1,197+ GST/ MONTH


Take Peace of Mind in the fact that there is Ongoing Support to Guide You


We are here to partner with you and help you achieve your results – so you can contact Wez and the team during business hours, even if it's for a quick question.

Coaching Calls Business Greenhouse


During the 2 months of each quarter between the Boardroom Intensive, you will have 2 45-minute coaching calls with Wez to make sure you are sticking to your plan and answer your business and personal questions.


The monthly fee of $1,197+GST covers your Coaching Calls, Quarterly Boardroom Intensive, One Night’s Accommodation in Brisbane, Working Lunch during the Quarterly Boardroom Intensive and a Sit-Down Meal the evening before.

All you have to do is get yourself to Queensland and we will manage the rest for you.

Business Greenhouse Business Challenges

Current Business Challenges

Every growing business has challenges – your job as the business owner is to increase in knowledge so that you can get past the current challenge and progress to a bigger challenge. You can learn this knowledge through your own mistakes or learn from the mistakes of others – the former is faster and cheaper. Let the collective wisdom of the group help you get past your current challenges in a faster and more structured way.

Business Greenhouse Kingdom Impact

Kingdom Impact

Jesus told us to go into all the world… for you that’s the marketplace. There is very little Kingdom impact from simply building a highly profitable business that is all about you. The big aim of the 4% Club is to reach the pinnacle of Kingdom success – using your business to fund good works that show people the Kingdom of God. Expect to be pushed for more profit and at the same time more influence to those that God has put on your heart.

Blind Spots

We all have them. Sometimes we can get so close to the business that we fail to see the very thing that’s holding us back. You need people that will tell you (kindly) what you are unable to see for yourself.

Your Financials

You have to know the state of your flock’s to call yourself a good Shepard. Likewise, you have to know the state of your finances to call yourself a good steward of your business. As part of 4% Club you will be held accountable to driving the key metrics in your business.


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