It wasn’t always a life of travel, fun and fulfilment. Wez grew up in Reading in the United Kingdom. Although not a Christian home all the essentials were provided. A little later Wez’s parents decided to part ways which means today Wez has the benefit of two father figures.

The entrepreneurial spirit was alive and well very early on and Wez found many ways to make extra money from different ventures – the biggest of these was fulfilling the need to the latest high school craze; juggling. Each afternoon Wez would ride to the local supermarket and purchase bags of ‘chickpeas’, then cut up his board-short to make juggling balls.

After writing instructions to juggle for each customer he would sell them – for 3 pounds. After netting over 90 pounds ($250) Wez was asked to stop immediately by the principal of the high school.

One evening around the dinner table Wez’s mother and new partner announced the plan to move to Australia. Within 10 seconds of seeing a picture of the Gold Coast beaches it was an ‘affirmative’ from all involved. In 1993 Wez’s whole family moved to Brisbane, Australia and started a new life (with sunshine).


School was a struggle for Wez, simple maths and English were hard to comprehend and at the age of 11 Wez had a reading age of 7. This never stopped him as he just wanted to finish school and become an entrepreneur. After school Wez took a job at an athletic shoe store – where he started to learn the many facets of business – leadership, sales, marketing, stock control, financials and budgeting. This led him back to the UK at 19 years of age – to start his first official business; window cleaning. During this time Wez started multiple other businesses just to learn the process of building businesses – these included garden maintenance, general cleaning and turf delivery.


After building and selling a few window cleaning businesses Wez moved back to Australia. Immediately Wez started building another window cleaning business but it was very short lived. He wanted a more professional career and so started a business looking at people phone, electricity and eftpos accounts and churning them over to a new provider to save them money. After growing this business for 3 years Wez sold the business and moved on. Next Wez opened a business coaching practice and he knew from that moment he had found his calling in life.


Just before that time Wez was searching for more. Life had become less than enough and the void was filled by some undesirable behaviours. Although he had no concept of Christ after a simple invitation to church Wez decided to attend – not believing for a second that this was the answer he was searching for. On the first Sunday that Wez attended church his life was changed forever. He knew that this is what was missing – a one on one relation with the Jesus.


The next few years Wez spent reading, listening and attending everything he could to build his understanding of the faith. Much of what he studied didn’t make sense but by perseverance and the fact that the Spirit was alive within him, it allowed Wez to take the scriptures and make them practical to his life.


Wez went on a rapid journey with Jesus and over the next couple of years Wez started to de-code what the scriptures said about business/leadership/money and mindsets and started to teach them to his business coaching clients. These clients went on to achieve massive gains in their business profits and before long Wez was a sought after business coach in Australia. Even though Wez was prospering he knew that it was not his ability that achieved these outcomes – it was that God has His hand on Wez’s life. After coming to Christ Wez developed an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Reading a minimum of one book per week (and still doing that to this day) his vocabulary developed and his repertoire of strategies began to build.


Over the following years Wez coached over 240 companies, creating over $500 million of additional revenue for his clients.


In 2007 Wez married the love of his life. After meeting Kimberly at a youth group they found they had lots of common ground – they were big dreamers and together wanted to make a large impact on the world. They went on to produce three beautiful girls and spend lots of time together creating memories.


Now Wez spends his days coaching his private clients, running conferences and writing.


He has committed the reminder of his life to training and equipping entrepreneurs to use their businesses to create wealth and contribute to society – what he calls ‘true capitalism’.

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