Supernatural Business

At last, 21st century strategies for the Christian in business!

Leading ‘faith-in-business’ thinker Wez Hone has taken his teachings and distilled them into 12 practical lessons. These lessons – based on Biblical principles, real world case studies and years of ‘in the trenches’ experience – will give you practical ideas you can implement immediately.

Strategy packed lessons include: 

  • The Economic Time Clock: our economy has cycles; are you preparing for the next season?
  • Stickability: holding form as a core business strategy
  • Daily Rich-uals: how your day to day patterns determine the success of your business
  • Harnessing the Supernatural: understanding God’s role versus your role in business

With these lessons and more. Supernatural Business is a must-have book for any Christian operating any type of business – large or small. It is the perfect blend of faith-building and business-building from a man who has created over $500 million in additional revenue for his clients.

Additionally to the book you will be have access to additional business building resources online including Wez’s top 50 proven marketing strategies that any business can use.