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Is failing really a bad thing?

My belief is that the only real mistake is the one we don’t learn from. The real definition of failure is making the same mistakes without learning from them or doing anything to stop them.


In short we are aiming to change culture!

The business world has been turned upside down and used for greed, corruption and unrighteousness. We need a large volume of Christian entrepreneurs who will not conform to these methods and who will use their business as a force for good in the world. A group who will build a highly profitable business as well influence the world around them by giving their customers an expression of the Kingdom.

This is already happening in a small way and it’s time to scale it up. It’s a big task but with our big God and dedicated people it can and will be done.

That’s what gets me out of bed each morning…



Wez Hone


As a business coach Wez Hone has achieved 15 fold multiplications of his clients revenues – on several occasions. He has a raft of tips and strategies for business. And, as a man with a firm grasp of biblical principles and how they apply to the marketplace, he’s perfectly positioned to activate and mentor Christian business people

Dave Hodgson

CEO Paladin Corporation and Founder of Kingdom Investors

If you work with Wez you have an unfair advantage over your competitors

Michael Beverley

CEO, IP Wealth

As a Pastor I am always looking at ways to add value to the business leaders in my church. Wez does this and more with practical, Bible based principles which he delivers with humour and force

Miles Paludan

Senior Pastor of Elevation Church, Gold Coast


Sporting teams, athletes and peak performance artists all have one thing in common – they never ‘go it alone’. Having Wez on the journey with you will speed up the process from where you are today to where you want your business to be in the future. Wez will show you the shortcuts to a highly profitable business as well as help you eliminate many of the major costly mistakes that most businesses make – saving you both precious time and money.

Our group coaching program is based around 4 live immersion training workshops. Here Wez will get hands on with your business and hand-hold you through all the steps to position you in the market for rapid growth.



If you want to explode your business and never look back one on one coaching is for you.

Wez works with a select group of clients around the world and his time is limited. If you have a business and want to either make it the industry leader, scale it up to become highly profitable or groom the business for sale – you fit our criteria. You must be prepared to take massive consistent action, complete all of your homework and be open to new ways of thinking. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world – Wez currently has clients in Australia, New Zealand, United States and Dubai.



It doesn’t matter whether you are a start-up in business or a seasoned entrepreneur – we have something for you.

We have put together a series of short video clips here for you to watch at your leisure. So that you get a return on your time invested watching the videos we ask that you have a pen and notebook handy so that when you  get an idea or strategy from the videos you can implement it in your business right away.

If you enjoy a video please share it to your friends either on social media or email them the link – that would be really appreciated.



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